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The purpose of this website is to help teach Bible believers effective witnessing techniques and give unsaved answers from the Bible. This does not to mean that sharing your faith and witnessing to a non-believer is a process or formula. This site is designed to give a follower of Jesus some tips to help open the door for easy conversations about saving faith, and demonstrate how to hear and respond to objections with scripture. The Witness Trainer is a fun, fast moving way to take you through the keys of witnessing your faith in Jesus Christ to others.  The Witness Trainer map contains six areas and thirty-two people with whom you can practice  sharing your faith.  While not a game, it uses game mechanics to introduce you to these people with randomness so no two exercises are the same.


While there are a number of areas in which you can direct your witnessing efforts, you will see that presenting scripture, and answering with scripture is where you should focus your efforts.

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A Spiritual Battle


One key to remember is this is a spiritual battle and it is the Holy Spirit that fights the battle in the heart and mind of the unbeliever. A person’s salvation is not dependent upon you winning an argument or trapping a person in an un-winnable debate. Instead, it is the power of God through the scriptures that saves the soul.


Apologetics and reason can get a person to intellectually consider your position as logical, but it is the demonstration of love and concern for the well-being of the lost soul that makes an offer of salvation attractive.


Friends and Family


Effective witnessing requires credibility. Your strongest witness to friends and family is how you are living your life.  You will lack credibility if you are living immorally.  This does not mean a recent convert to Christ should avoid witnessing to others until their life is cleaned up, such as stopping smoking. It means that you must live in the light given by the Holy Spirit. People will sense a changed heart and this will come through with a sincere witness.


Most of the tips given on this web site and in the exercises apply to witnessing to friends and family.  Ask questions, listen patiently, and allow the person to answer fully.


Modeling Unpredictability


Witnessing your faith to an unbeliever will never be predictable.  We cannot see the spiritual battle, nor can we see the state of the heart of the unbeliever.  As such, you may find a person staying right on the edge of belief without ever committing to Jesus, while another person you thought was ‘hard-hearted’ will respond with joy at the offer of salvation. There is no possible way to predict the work of the Holy Spirit in these spiritual battles. In order to give a sense of real-life unpredictability, this series of exercises uses a random number generator as is common with many computer based games. So that there is no mistake, only God knows the end from the beginning, and the Holy Spirit is NOT a random number generator. This is simply a method used to give these simulated witnessing efforts unpredictable outcomes. There is no score-keeping, and there are no ‘special keys’ or shortcuts to make your simulated witnessing attempts more successful with a special skill.


Practical Limits


The Witness Trainer scenarios contained limit the number of scriptures so that you are not trying to memorize vast sections of the Bible. While it would be nice to know every possible answer for every conceivable objection or question, that is not practical for most people. When sharing your faith in real-life situations if you know of a Biblical answer that is not contained as part of this training, use it! The Bible promises that His Word will not return void. This training is not meant to be all encompassing, but to give you scriptural answers to the questions and excuses people will use to reject Christ. Most excuses will have more than one logical approach and multiple Biblical answers to give you multiple ‘witnesses’. Cults and false religions often build their doctrine on a single verse taken out of context.  In real life situations, you may find it necessary to two or three scriptural passages to establish a Biblical fact. In contrast, this series of exercises usually requires a single scriptural answer to continue.


Memorizing scripture and hiding it in your heart can be a goal in order to be ready to give an answer to an unbeliever. While memorizing entire verses is ideal, many people would like to start by memorizing the chapter and verse addresses of the scriptures that hold the answers people seek. You will find this is especially effective when using some of the suggestions on how to witness that follow.


No Need to Fear


There are many reasons people do not share his or her faith with others. Fear seems to be the basis for most, if not all of the reasons. If you fear rejection, keep in mind, they are rejecting the Holy Spirit and the Word of God, not you personally. If you fear that you could come across as offensive by challenging their world-view, you need to remember Paul tells us of “the offence of the gospel”.


If your fear is because you feel unprepared and may not have an answer for every question, do not despair. The training exercises here are designed to better prepare you for your discussions with others. Giving the answer, “I don’t know that answer, but I will study it and give you an answer soon,” can be surprisingly refreshing and honest to a person with an open heart. Do so and follow-up. You will find that often these types of ‘tough questions’ are a side issue and fade away by the clear power of the gospel.


Your Task


Your task is to present Christ as best you can. Leading someone to Christ and saving their soul is the work of the Holy Spirit.  Trust God for the results.  You have no idea where a person is in his or her spiritual journey. The person who seems a hardened atheist or zealous Jehovah Witness may actually on the edge of accepting Christ, while another person may outwardly seem to be on the edge of conversion forever.  It has been reported that the Gospel is given an average of eight times before a person comes to faith.  Some respond the first time it is heard, and others are converted after hearing the gospel for the hundredth time.  You cannot know if, or when a conversion will happen, but just be faithful to give out the gospel because you could be God’s instrument today.


The exercises that follow will simulate this unknown aspect of salvation very well.  Some characters will not want to speak with you about their soul; some will want to be converted before you even give a single scripture.  Some characters will let you give them the Gospel and let you answer his or her questions and doctrines with scripture, only to ultimately reject your message.


Top Keys for Sharing Your Faith in Jesus Christ:


1. Whenever possible, let the person hold the Bible or pocket New Testament, and have the person read the scriptures aloud.  This takes away any suspicion that you are not accurately quoting God’s Word.

2. After the person reads the scripture, and whenever possible, ask him or her questions related to the verse(s). While you can ask, “What does this mean to you?” You will find specific questions will focus their responses to the truth at hand.  For example, if the person reads Isaiah 40:8, “The grass withereth, the flower fadeth: but the word of our God shall stand for ever.”  You can ask, “How long will God’s Word stand?”

3. After asking the question, let the person give his or her answer fully.  Do not interrupt, even if the person states a false doctrine.  You can patiently answer it with another scripture.

4. If the person says he or she does not understand a scripture, request, “Will you please, read it again.”

5. If your witness is rejected, tell the person you will pray for him or her, and then do so.  Your sincerity and kindness will make an impact.

6. Always kindly thank the person for his or her time.  Let the Holy Spirit work on their heart.



Welcome to


Coaching helps to give you
a more powerful witness.
Answering false religions with the Bible.

Welcome to WitnessCoach.com


Coaching helps to give you
a more powerful witness.
Answering false religions
with the Bible.